Located in a rebuild garage in central Aarhus, Garagen i Øgaderne is a curios hybrid between a recording studio, a sound lab, a concert venue and a lot more...

Garagen is a bit like a bumblebee. Considering the size of our facilities we can't really do all the things we do - but we do it anyway.

Garagen is primarily a sound studio doing location and studio recordings, mixing and mastering. We specialize in jazz, acoustic music, experimental music and sound art, but we are always open and curious to engage in new genres and projects.

One of our goals also being to contribute artistic merit to our surroundings we do a lot of other stuff as well. Garagen hosts concerts, artist talks and radio production, as well as being the home of experimental record label LYDHØR and a small record shop specializing in contemporary danish sound art.

We highly value the creative exploration of sound and we are dedicated and thorough in all the projects we do. 

Contact and information

If you want to discuss a project you are always welcome for a cup of coffee in the garage - please call or text us in advance.

For information about current projects please visit:

Most of our concerts are hosted by Lydhør På En Søndag. For information about future concerts please visit:


You can contact us at:
☎︎ +45 27294894

All kinds of questions or inquiries are welcome!




Christian Windfeld (DK) 
Mirja Klippen (FIN)
Christian Vuust (DK) 
Liudas Mockunas (LT)
Ellipssis Trio (DK/AUS)

I Think You Are Awesome (DK)
Kajsa Vala Band (DK)
Ornithopter (DK) 
Bad Birthday (DK)

Fonden Voxhall (DK)
Flamingo Trio (DE/DK)
Kasper Staub (DK) 
Kasper Tom (DK)

The Lake Radio (DK)
Rudy Mahall (DE)
Live Foyn (N)

Daniel Sommer (DK)
Marc Ducret (F) 
Admiral Awesome (DK) Jonathan Heilbron (AUS) 

Butch Lacy (DK/US)
Maria Malmö (DK) 
Suns of Satan (DK)
Elevatorfører (DK)

- and many more.

Concerts in garagen

Lil Lacy (DK)
Ursula Nistrup (DK)
Claus Haxholm (DK)

Kimestad/Røysum (NO)
Institut for dansk Lydarkæologi
Sandra Boss (DK)
Julie Kjær (DK)
Andy Butler (AUS)
Lars Fiil (DK)
Jonas Olesen (DK)

Anna Katrin Egilstrød (FRO)
Lars Lundehave Hansen (DK)
Christian Skjødt (DK)
Bach/Kudahl (DK)
Jonathan Heilbron (AUS)

Rasmus Kjær (DK)

- and many more